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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Move the Server to the Installation Site


Caution  -  Ensure that the route to the installation site is free of obstacles, and always use two or more people to move the server.


Caution  -  Avoid rolling the server over metal plates that contain tear drop or diamond patterns. These patterns can cause the casters to spin and force the server to move off course.

  1. Plan and prepare the entire route to the installation site.

    Walk the entire route and note any obstacles that must be avoided. Ensure that all floors along the route can support the full weight of the server.

    Cover raised data center flooring with fiberboard to protect it, prepare a metal sheet to cross any gaps in the floor (for example, when entering an elevator), and prepare a metal ramp to go up or down minor floor elevations.

    For more information, see:

  2. Ensure that the server doors are closed and secured.
  3. Ensure that all four leveling feet on the bottom of the server are raised and out of the way.

    See Raise the Leveling Feet (Sun Rack II) for instructions.

  4. Using two or more people, push the server to the installation site.

    Always push the server along its edges. Move the server slowly, at approximately two feet per second (0.65 meters per second) or slower.

    Note -  The front casters do not swivel. Turn using the rear casters to steer the server around corners and obstacles. The following illustration shows the server being pushed from the rear.

    image:Figure showing two people moving a rackmounted server                                 properly.
  5. Avoid damaging the server when moving it.


    Caution  -  Never tip or rock the server. Tipping or rocking the server, or pushing on the side panels, can tip the server over.


    Caution  -  Never push the server by pressing in the center of a door. The door might bend under the pressure.


    Caution  -  Be careful when moving the server near floor openings. If the server's casters fall into a floor opening, the floor and the server could be severely damaged.


    Caution  -  When maneuvering around corners, always turn the server gradually.

  6. Avoid all obstacles on the floor when moving the server.

    When necessary, use a metal plate to cross gaps on the floor, and use a metal ramp to cross slight bumps on the floor or stairs. For more information, see:

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