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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Loading Dock and Receiving Area Requirements

Before the server arrives, ensure that the receiving area is large enough for the shipping package.

If your loading dock meets the height and ramp requirements for a standard freight carrier truck, you can use a pallet jack to unload the server. If the loading dock does not meet the requirements, provide a standard forklift or other means to unload the server. Alternatively, you can request that the server be shipped in a truck with a lift gate.

When the server arrives, leave the server in its shipping container until it arrives at suitable area to unpack it. To avoid introducing airborne contaminates to the data center, unpack the server outside of the data center and then move the server to its final location.

Note -  Acclimatization: If the shipping container is very cold or hot, place the unopened container in an environment similar to the data center overnight, or as long as 24 hours, until the container reaches the same temperature of the data center. Never place the unopened shipping container inside the data center.

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