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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Stand-Alone Server Power Cord Requirements

Six AC power cords supply power to the six power supplies of a stand-alone SPARC M8-8 or SPARC M7-8 server. These server power cords connect the rear IEC 60320-C19 AC inputs to your facility AC power sources.

To ensure the redundant operation of the power supplies, connect the server power cords to alternate power sources. For example, connect server power cords from AC inputs labeled AC0, AC2, and AC4 to one power source and from AC inputs labeled AC1, AC3, AC5 to another power source. When connected to alternate power sources, the server has 2N redundancy in case of a power failure to a single power source.

image:Figure showing the stand-alone server power cord connections.

Region-specific server power cords are available for different locales.

Facility AC Outlet Plug
North America and Asia
4m (13 ft, 1.5 in.)
20A, NEMA L6-20P plug
4m (13 ft, 1.5 in.)
16A, IEC 60309-IP44 plug
4m (13 ft, 1.5 in.)
16A, IRAM2073 plug
4m (13 ft, 1.5 in.)
16A, CEE7/VII plug
For use with PDUs
2.5m (8 ft 2.4 in.)
20A, IEC 60320-2-2 sheet I (C20) plug, straight plug-connector
For use with PDUs
1.5m (4 ft 11 in.)
20A, IEC 60320-2-2 sheet I (C20) plug, straight plug-connector

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