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SPARC M8 and SPARC M7 Servers Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Additional Software Configuration and Testing

Refer to the following links for optional software testing, configuration, and administration tasks you can perform after powering on the server.

Documentation Links
Configure the Oracle ILOM software to:
  • Create and manage PDomains

  • Assign and manage Oracle ILOM users

  • Redirect KVMS devices

  • Power on and off the entire server or specific PDomains

Oracle ILOM documentation:
Update the system firmware.
Explore and configure the Oracle Solaris OS.
Oracle Solaris OS documentation:
Refer to the preceding Oracle Solaris documentation link for information about specific topics like:
  • Oracle Solaris release notes

  • Installation

  • Common administration tasks

  • Updating software

  • Security

  • Oracle Solaris Zones

After completing all system configuration tasks, back up the data required for service procedures.
For information about backing up and restoring filesystems and data, refer to the Oracle Solaris documentation at:
Create and manage logical domains (virtual servers) using the Oracle VM Server for SPARC software. You can run a variety of applications in different logical domains and keep them separate for performance and security purposes.
Oracle VM Server for SPARC documentation:

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