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man pages section 3: Extended Library Functions, Volume 3

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Updated: July 2017



picl_get_node_by_path - get handle of node specified by PICL tree path


cc [ flag… ] file–lpicl [ library… ] 
#include <picl.h>

int picl_get_node_by_path(const char *piclpath,
     picl_nodehdl_t *nodeh);


The picl_get_node_by_path() function copies the handle of the node in the PICL tree specified by the path given in piclpath into the location nodeh.

The syntax of a PICL tree path is:

[<def_propname>:]/[<def_propval>[<match_cond>]... ]

where the <def_propname> prefix is a shorthand notation to specify the name of the property whose value is specified in <def_propval>, and the <match_cond> expression specifies the matching criteria for that node in the form of one or more pairs of property names and values such as

[@<address>][?<prop_name>[=<prop_val>]... ]

where '@' is a shorthand notation to refer to the device address or a FRU's location label and is followed by <address>, which gives the device address or the location label.

For nodes under the /platform tree, the address value is matched with the value of the property bus-addr, if it exists. If no bus-addr property exists, the address value is matched with the value of the property UnitAddress. To explicitly limit the comparison to bus-addr or UnitAddress property, use the '?' notation described below.

For nodes under the /frutree tree, the <address> value is matched with the value of the Label property.

The expression following '?' specifies matching property name and value pairs, where <prop_name> specifies the property name and <prop_val> specifies the property value for properties not of type PICL_PTYPE_VOID. The values for properties of type PICL_PTYPE_TABLE, PICL_PTYPE_BYTEARRAY, and PICL_PTYPE_REFERENCE cannot be specified in the <match_cond> expression.

A _class property value of picl can be used to match nodes of any PICL classes. The class picl is the base class of all the classes in PICL.

All valid paths must begin at the root node denoted by '/'.

If no prefix is specified for the path, the prefix defaults to the name property.

Return Values

Upon successful completion, 0 is returned. Otherwise a non-negative integer is returned to indicate an error.

The value PICL_NOTNODE is returned if there is no node corresponding to the specified path.



General system failure


Invalid argument


Not a node


See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

Interface Stability

See Also

picl_get_propval_by_name(3PICL), attributes(5)