If you have multiple customer-facing sites created, you can configure Commerce Service Center, using Site Administration, to share data between the sites. Sites can be used for such things as providing localized store information, branded segments, or creating running promotions.

Multiple sites within Commerce Service Center allow the agent to select a specific site, search throughout sites, and to set site context. Site context ensures that configuration of the current site will affect the Commerce Service Center display and control the availability of assets such as products, SKUs, catalogs, and price lists. When an agent changes from one site to another the site context and potentially the available assets will also change.

When configuring your system, you identify the assets that are available to each site using Site Administration or Commerce Merchandising. The sites that can be accessed by Commerce Service Center are configured using Site Administration in the Business Control Center. These settings include:

For additional information on configuring Commerce Service Center using Site Administration, refer to the Multisite Administration Guide.

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