Commerce Service Center uses standard Full Text Searching (FTS) SQL query searches for orders and customer profiles. FTS is performed using standard search tokens within the supported databases: Oracle, MSSQL and DB2. Note that MySQL database searches are also supported, but not for production environments. Search components are administered using the Dynamo Server Admin.

Note: Ensure that you have the necessary components from your database vendor for performing Full Text Searches. Refer to your database vendor’s documentation for information.

To set up your search environment, perform the following steps:

  1. Install Commerce Service Center, which installs the search repositories that contain tables that track modified orders and profiles for indexing, and items that contain the properties that have been translated into search tokens. Refer to the Installing with the Configuration and Installation Manager section for information on installing Commerce Service Center.

  2. Configure the database settings for your database as described in the Configuring Text Search Database Environments section.

  3. Populating the index by performing a bulk load in the Dynamo Server Admin as described in the Preloading the Index section. This creates a base-line index against which future searches and indexes will be run.

  4. Configure manual indexes as necessary using the Dynamo Server Admin, as outlined in the Changing Default Incremental Indexing Schedules section.

By default in Commerce Service Center, a listener is attached to each repository for profiles and orders. This listener is triggered when an update, delete, or insert operation occurs. The listener updates the modified table to indicate that during the next scheduled execution, the updated order or profile should be added to the index. This can occur in real-time, be performed manually or as a bulk index.

Note: This search process is not used for ticket, product or catalog searches.

A table and index for both orders and profiles is created in the database and referenced as repository items in the Search repository. This repository is defined in the DPS.TextSearch module for profiles and the DCS.TextSearch module for orders.

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