When you work with exchanges, tiered pricing produces the correct results, but exhibits the following behavior as a result of how the cost of exchange items is determined.

For example, in an order with a quantity of 7 items within the same tier levels, the original item would be priced at 2 at 50, 3 at 40, 2 at 30. In an exchange of 1 for 1, the expected refund would be $30 and the exchange order item would be $30, with a net no charge. However, because of the methodology used in pricing the exchange items in the promotion evaluation order, the exchange order item is priced at 50, and the refund is calculated at $50. This results in the expected net no charge for the 1 item in the exchange order. Additionally, if exchange order quantity increases to 2, the total would be $100 and the refund would be $70, with an expected net change of $30 for the additional item.

For additional information on pricing calculators, refer to the Pricing Overview section of the Commerce Programming Guide.

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