The following three PageFragment components are used to render the Gift with Purchase links on the cart page and the gift selection pop-up. The page fragments are stored in the /DCS-CSR-UI/config/

For additional information on the GiftWithPurchaseSelectionChoicesDroplet, refer to the Commerce Programming Guide.

Should the agent proceed with checkout without first selecting eligible gifts for the order, the postMoveToPutchaseInfo method in the CSRCartModifierFormHandler will issue a message to inform the agent that the order qualifies for the gifts that are missing from the order.

The Commerce GWPManager queries all Gift with Purchase selections for the order. If any of them have a quantityMissingFromOrder greater than 0, an informational message is posted for the agent, such as “This order qualifies for a free gift that has not yet been selected.”

For additional information on Gift with Purchase configuration, refer to the Extending Objects for Cloning section.

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