When working on the Billing page an agent can enter any amount for a payment group. If the payment group is associated with a claimable item, the agent will not be allowed to enter more than the remaining or maximum -allowed amount.

You can limit the amount of your customized payment group types by extending the CSRPaymentGroupRemainingAmount servlet group droplet to set the payment group maximum-allowed and remaining amount limits.

CSR Payment Group Remaining Amount Servlet Bean Droplet

The CSRPaymentGroupRemainingAmount servlet bean droplet returns both the remaining and maximum-allowed amounts for the payment group. This droplet sets a maximum -allowed amount limitation in the Billing page and displays the remaining amount of the payment group on the Billing, Order View and Order Review pages.





The GetTotalOrderAppeasementDroplet contains the following:

Input Parameters


Output Parameters

You can calculate the remaining or maximum-allowed amounts for any custom payment groups by extending the getRemainingAmount() and getMaxAllowedAmount() methods within the droplet.

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