By default, Commerce Service Center is not preconfigured with any agent profiles. As part of setting up Commerce Service Center, you need to:

  1. Create the necessary organization, organizational roles, global roles and access rights. Refer to the Business Control Center Administration and Development Guide for information on creating these objects.

  2. Create a profile in the Internal User Profile Repository for each agent.

  3. Assign each profile the necessary roles.

Note: When working in a multisite environment, you cannot set security to limit an agent per site.

Note: This account should be added only to the database that is provided with the ATG platform for evaluation purposes. You should not include it in a production database, as this is a serious security risk.

For additional information on creating users, refer to the Business Control Center User's Guide.

  1. Using the Agent Server BCC Home Page, select Access Control.

  2. Click the + action icon to create a new Internal User.

  3. Enter the agent information.

  4. Click the Orgs & Roles tab, set the agent’s organization and roles. You can also set site restrictions and user preferences. Once you have finished, click Create.

    For example, to create an agent who can work with existing orders but not create new customers, you would select the csrOrders template role. This role contains all of the order access permissions needed to see orders and work with orders, yet it does not contain the create customer profile permissions. Note: Both the csrOrders and csrProfiles roles include the csrTicketing role, which allows access to the application, the log in screen, etc. For a list of all of the access rights, refer to theAppendix A: Commerce Service Center Access Rights

  5. You can select the user to review their rights. If you need to add additional rights, you must create a corresponding role, and then add the role to the user profile.

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