Commerce Service Center adds four calculators which are used for pricing exchange orders. There are two item pricing post calculators in /atg/commerce/custsvc/pricing/calculators:

There are two order pricing post calculators in /atg/commerce/custsvc/pricing/calculators:

The ItemPricingEngine configuration contains the ExchangeItemAdjustmentCalculator item pricing calculator. This calculator adjusts the ItemPriceInfo of an item in the Exchange Order based on pricing of the corresponding item in the PEO and copies that information from the PEO to the ItemPriceInfo created for the exchange item. This includes the amount, all PricingAdjustments and DetailedItemPricingInfos. This prices the item in the Exchange Order with the exact pricing it received in the PEO, including any item level promotions that may have been applied.

If manual adjustments are applied to the Promotion Evaluation Order, they are applied to the exchange order by the OrderPricingEngine post calculator OrderAdjustmentCalculator. This calculator implements priceOrder to trigger the calculation or the manual adjustment value map when pricing an Exchange Order, then determines if manual adjustments should be applied to the exchange order. If necessary, the calculator overrides the adjustOrderSubTotal to adjust the order subtotal based on the pre-calculated value of each manual adjustment.

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