In-store pickup is a Commerce feature that allows your customers to choose to receive merchandise they order at a local store. Commerce Service Center uses and extends these Commerce components to enable agents to assist with these types of orders.

When in-store pickup is enabled, agents can identify an item to be picked up in store. This launches the Commerce GeolocatorServices, which can either list all applicable stores, or provide a form that the agent can use to search for stores located at specified distances.

In addition to the stores location, Commerce Service Center can retrieve the store’s inventory status for the product selected. Refer to the Commerce Programming Guide for information on configuring Commerce locations, and setting inventory to work with in-store pickup.

When an agent views a product, the Pickup In-Store button is displayed for items that are eligible for in-store pickup. Items are eligible when they are recognized as hard goods, and are not flagged as available online only. Items are flagged as online only in Commerce using the isOnlineOnly method in CatalogTools. For detailed information on setting this flag, refer to the Commerce Programming Guide.

When the agent continues through the checkout process, any in-store pickup items are displayed as such. The items are identified as part of the InStorePickupShippingGroup and one of two of the in-store pickup payment groups: InStorePaymentPaymentGroup , or Cash.

The InStorePaymentPaymentGroup acts as a place holder for payment until the recipient picks up the order. The InStorePaymentPaymentGroup, which is based on the Commerce allowInStorePaymentWhenOtherShippingGroupTypesExist, displays the Pay In Store payment option on the billing page. When the customer has picked up and paid for the merchandise, the payment group type changes to credit card or cash.

The Cash payment group type supports in-store pickup orders that were paid for in cash when the recipient picked up the item. This payment group cannot be used when the agent is generating a Web order, and is only available on submitted orders.

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