In addition to the standard promotions that are available to customers, Commerce Service Center supports the Commerce Gift with Purchase promotion. This promotion can automatically add a free item to the shopping cart when the order qualifies for a promotion. The gifts can be defined as an SKU, product or a single selection from a category or content group.

When an agent adds an item to an order that qualifies it for a free gift, the free gift is automatically added to the cart with the total price of the item set to $0.00. Note: The gift is added automatically only if the gift is defined as an SKU or product. When a gift is part of a multiple selection, it cannot be automatically added to the cart.

If an agent adds an item to the order that qualifies it for a gift that must be selected from multiple choices, a gift selector becomes available. Once the selected gift has been added to the cart, a Change Gift option is available if the agent needs to make any changes.

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