Indexes are not updated automatically when their associated data is inserted, updated or deleted. Instead, the system uses incremental indexing, which is a real-time process that polls every twenty seconds for changes made to the database tables. When changes are found, the process adjusts index entries only for profiles and orders that have been modified since the last poll. The IncrementalIndexingOutputConfig class identifies if incremental scheduling is enabled, and starts the scheduling service. In Commerce Service Center, by default, incremental indexing updates are performed only on components that are located within the LiveIndex modules.

Note that by default, incremental scheduling is enabled, and is scheduled to run every 20 seconds.

To modify the incremental indexing schedule

You can also disable incremental indexing by opening the incrementalIndexingEnabled property and changing it from true to false. Note that disabling incremental indexing will not stop an incremental index that is currently running. Setting the property to false will stop the call to the incremental process in the admin session. Updates, inserts and deletions are still written to the modified tables, but are not reflected in the tokens table until incremental indexing has been re-enabled.

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