When you use the ACC scenario editor on an ATG instance running Commerce Service Center, the scenarios you create are internal scenarios that respond to actions performed by internal users such as agents, not external users such as customers.

Commerce Service Center includes a number of scenario events that can be triggered by agent activities. You can incorporate these events in internal scenarios that you create.

The following table lists the scenario events included with Commerce Service Center:

Event display name

Triggered when . . .

Agent adds item to order

Agent adds an item to an order.

Agent adds payment group

Agent adds a payment group to an order.

Agent adds shipping group

Agent adds a shipping group to an order.

Agent cancels order

Agent cancels an order.

Agent changes item quantity

Agent changes an item’s quantity.

Agent claims item

Agent claims a coupon, gift certificate, or store credit.

Agent create order

Agent creates a new order.

Agent creates an order comment

Agent creates a new order comment.

Agent edits payment group

Agent edits a payment group.

Agent edits shipping group

Agent edits a shipping group.

Agent exchanges order

Agent exchanges an order.

Agent issues store credit

Agent issues a store credit to a customer.

Agent overrides a price

Agent overrides the price of a shipping group or commerce item.

Agent receives a return item

Agent receives an item that has been returned.

Agent removes item from order

Agent removes an item from an order.

Agent returns order

Agent returns an order.

Agent splits a shipping group

Agent splits a shipping group’s commerce items between shipping groups.

Agent submits order

Agent submits an order.

Agent views credit card

Agent views a credit card.

Agent views order

Agent views an order.

Agent views order payment

Agent views an order’s payment information.

Agent views order returns

Agent views order return information.

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