The TemplateEmailSender service is responsible for sending template-based e-mail. Using TemplateEmailInfo, it renders the page specified using the templateURL. For information on working with e-mail notifications and templates, refer to the Personalization Programming Guide.

Commerce Service Center provides a default e-mail template implementation for each of the following actions:

  • New Account Registration

  • New Account Registration Following Checkout

  • Password Reset

  • New Order Confirmation

  • Order Modification Confirmation

  • Return Confirmation

  • Exchange Confirmation

The e-mail information component can be reconfigured to use a different templateURL property, which points to a different JSP page specifying a different template.

To change an e-mail template, modify the templateURL property of any of the following TemplateEmailInfo components:

  • /atg/svc/email/NewAccountTemplateEmailInfo

  • /atg/commerce/custsvc/profile/NewAccountEmailInfo

  • /atg/svc/email/ResetPasswordTemplateEmailInfo

  • /atg/commerce/custsvc/profile/NewOrderEmailInfo

  • /atg/commerce/custsvc/profile/OrderExchangeEmailInfo

  • /atg/commerce/custsvc/profile/OrderReturnEmailInfo

  • /atg/commerce/custsvc/profile/OrderUpdateEmailInfo

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