When a site that uses the Fulfillment module submits an order, the order and some of its contained objects will change state once the notification is received by the fulfillment sub-system.

Note: You must run the Fulfillment modules on both the Agent and Production clusters.


State after submit

State after received by fulfillment


Submitted to Fulfillment




Pending shipment



Pending delivery

A pipeline is executed to reconcile the changes with the original order. At the end of this chain there is a link that triggers the fulfillment notification messages. This process creates and sends the fulfillment Modification objects for changes made to the original order.

When the submitted order is modified by the Agent in the UI, new shipping groups and relationships may be created as a result. In this case, the new shipping groups and shipping group relationships will be saved in their Initial state. An application must extend the reconciliation process to perform any state modifications to these objects (for example, to mark them in their pending shipment and pending delivery states). This could be accomplished by either extending the reconciliation pipeline chain or responding the modification fulfillment events generated by the process.

For additional information on handling and fulfillment, refer to the Commerce Programming Guide.

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