When an agent generates a new password for a customer in the Commerce Service Center, the customer’s profile must have a valid e-mail address so the new password can be e-mailed to the customer. The /atg/svc/agent/UI/Formhandlers/CustomerProfileFormHandler component uses the following properties to manage passwords:

Property Name



If true, new passwords are persisted in the customer’s profile before they are sent. Default is false.


The resetPasswordTemplateEmailInfo component that creates the e-mail message. Default is ForgotEmailTemplateInfo (in /atg/svc/email/).


If true, the reset password e-mail is sent in a separate thread. The default is true.


If true, an e-mail containing the new password is generated and sent to the customer. Default is true.

For information about configuring a TemplateEmailInfo component, see the Personalization Programming Guide.

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