For additional information on creating customized Shipping Groups, refer to the Working with Purchase Process Objects chapter of the Commerce Programming Guide.

  1. Refer to the Order Tools section of the Commerce Programming Guide to create a new shipping group type. This includes defining the type-to-class name mapping for ShippingGroup objects.

  2. Refer to the Create a Shipping Group section of the Commerce Programming Guide to create the shipping group.

    Note: If you do not want to initialize the custom shipping group types using the ShippinGroupDroplet, continue on to step 5.

  3. Write a new ShippingGroupInitializer implementation. The initializeShippingGroups() method should gather the user’s ShippingGroups by type and add them to the ShippingGroupMapContainer referenced by the ShippingGroupFormHandler.

  4. Open your custom application and modify shippingGroupInitializers parameter by adding your new shipping group type. For example:

    ## ServiceMap of shippingGroupTypes to ShippingGroupInitializer
    Nucleus components


  5. Update the /atg/commerce/custsvc/util/ file shippingGroupTypesToBeInitialized property and shippingGroupTypeConfigurations property to include your new shipping group type. This configuration initializes shipping group types in the ShippingGroupDroplet.

    Initialize your new shipping group type by adding your new shipping group type to the shippingGroupTypesToBeInitialized property. For example:


    ## Shipping group fragment settings
    shippingGroupTypesToBeInitialized= newShippingGroup

  6. Add the CommerceTypeConfiguration component to the shippingGroupTypeConfigurations property for any new supported shipping group type.

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