If an item that qualified a promotion is returned, by default, the gift will not be automatically removed from the order. It will be left in the order and re-priced at full value, offsetting the value of the refund. For additional information on how the returns and exchange pricing engine works, refer to the Pricing in Commerce Service Center section.

To provide gift selection links in the cart view of the change order, Commerce Service Center generates GiftWithPurchaseSelection objects based on the gifts being returned and then stores them in the ReturnRequest. Commerce Service Center extends the GiftWithPruchaseSelectionsDroplet to return the ReturnRequest selection objects when rendering the selection links in the cart view of the exchange order.

Each time the cart view is rendered, the generated GiftWithPurhcaseSelection objects are filtered by the ReturnManager generateFilteredReturnRequestSelections API to ensure that selection links are not rendered for gifts that may have already been selected in the exchange order. For detailed information on gift with purchase exchange orders, refer to the Working with Exchange Orders section.

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