The Gift with Purchase feature extends the CommerceItem object to store Gift with Purchase meta data within repository markers.

Commerce Service Center’s clone editing feature supports the cloning and reconciliation of the Gift with Purchase Commerce item markers when an order containing gifts is modified by an agent.

The SubPropertyHandler interface defines the requirements for implementing a CloneEditHandler for objects referenced by a sub-property of another parent object. The parent object is the CommerceItem and the markers are the objects referenced by the sub-property gwpMarkers.

The subclass CollectionSubPropertyEditHandler extends the CollectionEditHandler class and implements a SubPropertyHandler for handling collection sub-properties.

The CommerceItemMarkerEditHandler class extends the CollectionSubPropertyHandler class to handle a collection property that contains Commerce item markers. A component of this type, which is named /atg/commerce/custsvc/order/edit/CommerceItemGWPMarkerHandler, is defined by Commerce Service Center to handle clone and reconciliation of Gift with Purchase Commerce item markers.

The following is an example of the CommerceItemGWPMarkerHandler:




The CollectionEditHandler implementation supports the integration of multiple SubPropertyHandler components. These components are configured on the CollectionEditHandler through the subPropertyHandlers property.

The /atg/commerce/custsvc/order/edit/CommerceItemHandler contains a CollectionEditHandler that handles Commerce items and references the SubPropertyHandler for GWP markers:


Note that the CommerceItemHandler references two subPropertyHandlers; one for each marker property defined on a CommerceItem.

Note: The Commerce Service Center Copy Order and Submit Now features exclude Commerce item markers when making a copy of the order. This means that no Gift with Purchase related information, such as which items are manually selected gifts, will be carried over to the new order.

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