When you are creating a multiple site environment, changing one environment object may affect another environment object. For example, if you change an order, it may change the site, price list, sale price list, user, ticket or other environment-managed objects.

In a multisite setting, environment management recognizes site support and manages site-related effects. Because basic site environment management support is added to Service Center, functions like pricing model holder initialization, site dependent changes or order dependent changes are supported using the /atg/svc/agent/environment/EnvironmentTools API.

The atg.svc.agent.environment.EnvironmentTools API is configured as follows:

  public void addChangeSiteDetail(String pNewSiteId,
    pEnvironmentChangeState) throws EnvironmentChangeDetailConflict,
    EnvironmentException {}
  public Site getCurrentSite() throws EnvironmentException {}
  public void setCurrentSite(Site pSite) throws EnvironmentException {}

The following methods are used to get or set site information:

The ServiceEnvironmentMonitor API also sets site information:

  protected void
    pEnvironmentChangeState) throws EnvironmentException {}
  public void revertSiteChangeDetail(EnvironmentChangeDetail
    pEnvironmentChangeState) {}
  public void applySiteChangeDetail(EnvironmentChangeDetail
    pEnvironmentChangeDetail, EnvironmentChangeState
    pEnvironmentChangeState)throws EnvironmentException {}

The ServiceEnvironmentMonitor uses the following methods:

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