Within Commerce Service Center, agents create gift lists using the Gift List menu in the customer’s profile. This form is displayed if the usingGiftlists property of the CSRConfigurator is enabled. Refer to theUsing the CSRConfigurator Component section for additional information.

Note that the agent must also have access rights that enable them to create a gift or wish list. Refer to Setting Up Internal Access Control for information on agent access rights.

By default, agents can create a new gift list by providing the following information:

  • Event Name

  • Event Description

  • Event Date

  • Event Type

  • Shipping Address

  • Public or Private List

  • Special Instructions

The gift list form can be modified to include fields or information. There are two properties files that can be configured, the default configuration and the extended configuration.

The default configuration for the Create Gift List form, which is located in /DCS-CSR-UI/config/
, contains the following settings:


The JSP file that creates the Gift List form is located at /panels/gift/giftlistCreate.jsp and is configured to import the following page fragments:

<dsp: importbean var="defaultPageFragment"
  bean="/atg/commerce/custsvc/ui/fragments/gift/GiftListCreateDefault" />
<dsp: importbean var="extendedPageFragment"
  bean="/atg/commerce/custsvc/ui/fragments/gift/GiftListCreateExtended" />

The extended configuration properties file, GiftListCreateExtended.properties, does not contain a reference to a JSP file.

For additional information on configuring and modifying page fragments, refer to the Service Center UI Programming Guide.

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