Breadcrumbs are elements that display in the Selections section of the menu, identifying the search constraints entered into the query. The breadcrumbs content item is identified by the BreadcrumbContentItemType parameter in the configuration file. Endeca breadcrumb content items reference either search or refinement breadcrumbs. The breadcrumb page fragment uses the type of the breadcrumb to determine the correct JSP renderer.

Search breadcrumbs contain information about an active keyword search, such as a search term, and is rendered by the search breadcrumb page fragment at /atg/commerce/custsvc/ui/fragments/

Refinement breadcrumbs contain information about a refinement and is rendered by the refinement breadcrumb page fragment located at /atg/commerce/custsvc/ui/fragments/

The following example shows how refinement breadcrumbs are displayed:

<c:forEach items="${refinementCrumbs}" var="refinementCrumb">
  <dsp:include src="${refinementCrumbDisplayFragment.URL}"
    <dsp:param name="refinementCrumb" value="${refinementCrumb}"/>
    <dsp:param name="breadCrumb" value="${breadCrumb}"/>
    <dsp:param name="contentItemMap" value="${contentItemMap}"/>
    <dsp:param name="contentItemResult" value="${contentItemResult}"/>

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