For additional information on creating customized Payment Groups, refer to the Working with Purchase Process Objects chapter of the Commerce Programming Guide.

  1. Refer to the Order Tools section of the Commerce Programming Guide to create a new payment group type. This includes defining the type-to-class name mapping for PaymentGroup objects.

  2. Refer to the Extending the Payment Process to Support a New Payment Method section of the Commerce Programming Guide to create the payment group.

    Note: If you do not want to initialize the customer payment group type using the PaymentGroupDroplet, continue to Step 5.

  3. Write a new PaymentGroupInitializer implementation. The initializePaymentGroups() method should gather the user’s PaymentGroups by type and add them to the PaymentGroupMapContainer referenced by the PaymentGroupFormHandler.

  4. Within your custom application, create a new PaymentGroupInitializer implementation and add it to the ServiceMap in the file paymentGroupInitializers property. For example:

    ## ServiceMap of paymentGroupTypes to PaymentGroupInitializer
    Nucleus components


  5. Update the /atg/commerce/custsvc/util/ file
    and paymentGroupTypeConfigurations properties to include your new payment group type.

    This configuration initializes payment group types in the PaymentGroupDroplet. By default, this property initializes the creditCard and storeCredit types. To initialize a new payment group type, add your new payment group type to the paymentGroupTypesToBeInitialized and paymentGroupTypeConfigurations properties. For example:


    ## Payment group fragment settings

    Note: Ensure that the payment group type value matches the key defined in OrderTools.paymentTypeClassMap property.

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