Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Performance Analyzer Window

This section provides a brief overview of Performance Analyzer's window layout. See Chapter 4, Performance Analyzer Tool and the Help menu for more information about the functionality and features discussed below.

When you start Performance Analyzer, a Welcome page makes it easy to start profiling an application in several different ways, view recent experiments, compare experiments, as well as navigate to documentation.

When you open an experiment, an Overview shows highlights of the data recorded and the set of metrics available. You can select which metrics you want to examine.

Performance Analyzer is organized around data views that you access from buttons in a navigation bar on the left side. Each view shows a different perspective of the performance metrics for your profiled application. The data views are connected so that when you select a function in one view, the other data views are updated to also focus on that selected function.

In most of the data views, you can use Performance Analyzer's powerful filtering technology to drill down into performance problems by selecting filters from a context menu or by clicking a filter button.

See the Performance Analyzer Views for more information about each view.

You can navigate the Performance Analyzer from the keyboard as well as with a mouse.