Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


call stackindex iconHeap View
definedindex iconCall Stacks and Program Execution
effect of tail-call optimization onindex iconTail-Call Optimization
incomplete unwindindex iconIncomplete Stack Unwinds
mapping addresses to program structureindex iconMapping Addresses to Program Structure
unwindingindex iconCall Stacks and Program Execution
call stack fragmentindex iconCallers-Callees View
call stack navigationindex iconCalled-By/Calls Panel
Call Tree viewindex iconCall Tree View
filter data from context menuindex iconCall Tree View
Called-By/Calls panelindex iconCalled-By/Calls Panel
callers-callees metrics
attributed, definedindex iconFunction-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed
displaying list of in er_print utilityindex iconcmetric_list
printing for a single function in er_print utilityindex iconcsingle function-name [N]
printing in er_print utilityindex iconcallers-callees
Callers-Callees viewindex iconCallers-Callees View
clock profiling
accuracy of metricsindex iconComparisons of Timing Metrics
collecting data in dbxindex iconprofile option
collecting data with the collect commandindex iconClock Profiling with the -p option
comparison with gethrtime and gethrvtimeindex iconComparisons of Timing Metrics
data in profile packetindex iconClock Profiling
definedindex iconClock Profiling Under Oracle Solaris
distortion due to overheadsindex iconAccuracy of Timing Metrics
interval  Seeindex iconprofiling interval
index iconClock Profiling
index iconClock Profiling Under Oracle Solaris
clock profiling in Timelineindex iconTimeline View
cloned functions
index iconCloned Functions
index iconCloned Functions
index iconCloned Functions
collect command
–-i optionindex iconI/O Tracing with i option
-I optionindex iconSpecify Count Data Instrumentation Directory with I directory
–-M optionindex iconMPI Profiling with M option
-N optionindex iconSpecify Excluded Libraries with N library-name
-P optionindex iconAttach to a Process with P process-id
archiving (-A) optionindex iconArchive Load Objects in Experiment with the -A option
clock profiling (-p) optionindex iconClock Profiling with the -p option
collecting data withindex iconCollecting Data Using the collect Command
data collection optionsindex iconData Collection Options
data limit (-L) optionindex iconLimit the Experiment Size with -L size
data race detection (-r) optionindex iconData Race and Deadlock Detection with r option
dry run (-n) option
index iconTry Out a Command with -n
index iconAdd a Comment to the Experiment with -C comment
experiment control optionsindex iconExperiment Control Options
experiment directory (-d) optionindex iconSet Directory of Experiment with -d directory-name
experiment group (-g) optionindex iconCreate Experiment in a Group with -g group-name
experiment name (-o) optionindex iconSave the Command Output to a File with -O file
follow descendant processes (-F) optionindex iconFollow Processes with the -F option
hardware counter profiling (-h) optionindex iconHardware Counter Profiling with collect -h
heap tracing (-H) optionindex iconHeap Tracing Data with -H option
Java version (-j) optionindex iconProfile Java with -j option
listing the options ofindex iconCollecting Data Using the collect Command
miscellaneous optionsindex iconOther Options
MPI tracing (-m) optionindex iconMPI Tracing with m option
output optionsindex iconOutput Options
pause and resume data recording (-y) optionindex iconSignal Pause and Resume State with -y signal [ ,r]
periodic sampling (-S) optionindex iconSample Data with -S option
record count data (-c) optionindex iconCount Data with c option
record sample point (-l) optionindex iconSpecify a Signal for Sampling with -l signal
stop target after exec (-x) optionindex iconStop Profiled Target to Allow dbx attach with -x
synchronization wait tracing (-s) optionindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing with -s option
syntaxindex iconCollecting Data Using the collect Command
time range for data collection (–t) optionindex iconSet a Time Range with t duration
verbose (-v) optionindex iconDisplay Verbose Output with -v
version (-V) optionindex iconDisplay the collect Version with -V
with ppgsz commandindex iconUsing collect With ppgsz
‐o optionindex iconSet Experiment Name with -o experiment-name
API, using in your program
index iconJava Interface
index iconProgram Control of Data Collection Using libcollector Library
attaching to a running processindex iconCollecting Data From a Running Process With dbx on Oracle Solaris Platforms
index iconData the Collector Collects
index iconPerformance Data
index iconCollector Tool
disabling in dbxindex icondisable Subcommand
enabling in dbxindex iconenable Subcommand
running in dbxindex iconTo Run the Collector From dbx
running with the collect commandindex iconCollecting Data Using the collect Command
collectorAPI.hindex iconJava Interface
as part of C and C++ interface to collectorindex iconC and C++ Interface
common subexpression eliminationindex iconCommon Subexpression Elimination
compare experimentsindex iconComparing Experiments
setting comparison styleindex iconSetting Comparison Style
compiler commentaryindex iconSource View
classes definedindex iconscc com-spec
cloned functionsindex iconCloned Functions
common subexpression eliminationindex iconCommon Subexpression Elimination
description ofindex iconCompiler Commentary
filtering in er_src utilityindex icon-{cc,scc,dcc} com-spec
filtering types displayedindex iconCompiler Commentary
inlined functionsindex iconInlining of Functions
loop optimizationsindex iconLoop Optimizations
parallelizationindex iconParallelization
selecting for annotated disassembly listing in er_print utilityindex icondcc com-spec
selecting for annotated source and disassembly listing in er_print utilityindex iconcc com-spec
selecting for annotated source listing in er_print utilityindex iconscc com-spec
compiler optimization
inliningindex iconInlining of Functions
parallelizationindex iconParallelization
compiler-generated body functions
displayed by the Performance Analyzer
index iconCompiler-Generated Body Functions
index iconCompiler-Generated Body Functions
namesindex iconCompiler-Generated Body Functions
affects of optimization on program analysisindex iconOptimization at Compile Time
debug symbol information formatindex iconCompiling to Analyze Source Code
for dataspace profilingindex iconCompiling for Dataspace and Memoryspace Profiling
for Lines viewindex iconCompiling to Analyze Source Code
Java programming languageindex iconCompiling Java Programs
linking for data collectionindex iconStatic Linking
source code for annotated Source and Disassemblyindex iconCompiling to Analyze Source Code
config.xml fileindex iconPerformance Analyzer Configuration File
configuration settingsindex iconPerformance Analyzer Configuration File
connecting to remote hostindex iconConnecting to a Remote Host in Performance Analyzer
copying an experimentindex iconCopying Experiments With the er_cp Utility
correlation, effect on metricsindex iconAccuracy of Timing Metrics
CPI metricindex iconMetric Name Strings
CPU utilization samples in Timelineindex iconTimeline View
listing in CPUs viewindex iconCPUs View
listing selected, in er_print utilityindex iconcpu_list
metrics per CPUindex iconCPUs View
selecting in er_print utilityindex iconcpu_select cpu-spec
CPUs viewindex iconCPUs View
custom filtersindex iconUsing Advanced Custom Filters
Cycles per instructionindex iconMetric Name Strings