Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


entry points, alternate, in Fortran functionsindex iconFortran Alternate Entry Points
environment variables
JAVA_PATHindex iconLimitations on Java Profiling
JDK_HOMEindex iconLimitations on Java Profiling
LD_BIND_NOWindex iconShared Object Handling
LD_LIBRARY_PATHindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
LD_PRELOADindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
PATHindex iconLimitations on Java Profiling
SP_COLLECTOR_NO_OMPindex iconLimitations on OpenMP Profiling
SP_COLLECTOR_NUMTHREADSindex iconLimitations on Data Collection
index icon<Truncated-stack> Function
index iconLimitations on Data Collection
SP_COLLECTOR_USE_JAVA_OPTIONSindex iconLimitations on Java Profiling
VampirTraceindex iconMPI Tracing Data
index iconStoring MPI Experiments
index iconMPI Tracing Data
VT_MAX_FLUSHESindex iconMPI Tracing Data
index iconStoring MPI Experiments
index iconMPI Tracing Data
VT_UNIFYindex iconStoring MPI Experiments
index iconStoring MPI Experiments
index iconMPI Tracing Data
er_archive utilityindex iconer_archive Utility
er_cp utilityindex iconCopying Experiments With the er_cp Utility
er_export utilityindex iconer_export Utility, preloadingindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
er_kernel utility
index iconKernel Experiments
index iconClock Profiling for the Oracle Solaris Kernel
analyzing kernel profileindex iconAnalyzing a Kernel Profile
hardware counter overflow profilingindex iconProfiling the Kernel for Hardware Counter Overflows
kernel and user processesindex iconProfiling Kernel and User Processes
use with collect and user processesindex iconAlternative Method for Profiling Kernel and Load Together
er_label utilityindex iconLabeling Experiments
command syntaxindex iconer_label Command Syntax
time specificationindex iconer_label Command Syntax
usage examplesindex iconer_label Examples
usage in scriptsindex iconUsing er_label in Scripts
er_mv utilityindex iconMoving Experiments With the er_mv Utility
er_print commands
addpathindex iconaddpath path-list
allocsindex iconallocs
appendtfileindex iconappendfile filename
callers-calleesindex iconcallers-callees
ccindex iconcc com-spec
cmetric_listindex iconcmetric_list
cpu_listindex iconcpu_list
cpu_selectindex iconcpu_select cpu-spec
csingleindex iconcsingle function-name [N]
data_layoutindex icondata_layout
data_metric_listindex icondata_metric_list
data_objectsindex icondata_objects
data_singleindex icondata_single name [N]
dccindex icondcc com-spec
ddetailindex iconddetail deadlock-id
deadlocksindex icondeadlocks
describeindex icondescribe
disasmindex icondisasm|dis { filename | function-name } [ N]
dmetricsindex icondmetrics metric-spec
dsortindex icondsort metric-spec
en_descindex iconen_desc { on | off | =regexp}
exitindex iconexit
experiment_listindex iconexperiment_list
filter examplesindex iconExample Filter Expressions
filter syntaxindex iconExpression Grammar
filteringindex iconCommands That Control Filtering of Experiment Data
filtersindex iconfilters filter-exp
fsingleindex iconfsingle function-name [N]
fsummaryindex iconfsummary
functionsindex iconfunctions
headerindex iconheader exp-id
helpindex iconhelp
ifreqindex iconifreq
indx_metric_listindex iconindx_metric_list
indxobjindex iconindxobj indxobj-type
indxobj_defineindex iconindxobj_define indxobj-type index-exp
indxobj_listindex iconindxobj_list
keywords for filter expressionsindex iconListing Keywords for a Filter Expression
leaksindex iconleaks
limitindex iconlimit n
linesindex iconlines
lsummaryindex iconlsummary
lwp_listindex iconlwp_list
lwp_selectindex iconlwp_select lwp-spec
metric_listindex iconmetric_list
metricsindex iconmetrics metric-spec
nameindex iconname { long | short } [ :{ shared-object-name | no-shared-object-name } ]
object_apiindex iconobject_api object1,object2,...
object_hideindex iconobject_hide object1,object2,...
object_listindex iconobject_list
object_selectindex iconobject_select object1,object2,...
object_showindex iconobject_show object1,object2,...
objectsindex iconobjects
objects_defaultindex iconobjects_default
outfileindex iconoutfile {filename|-|--}
overviewindex iconoverview exp_id
pathmapindex iconpathmap old-prefix new-prefix
pcsindex iconpcs
procstatsindex iconprocstats
psummaryindex iconpsummary
quitindex iconquit
racesindex iconraces
rdetailindex iconrdetail race-id
sample_listindex iconsample_list
sample_selectindex iconsample_select sample-spec
sccindex iconscc com-spec
scriptindex iconscript filename
setpathindex iconsetpath path-list
sortindex iconsort metric_spec
sourceindex iconsource|src { filename | function-name } [ N]
statisticsindex iconstatistics exp_id
index icondthresh value
index iconsthresh value
thread_listindex iconthread_list
thread_selectindex iconthread_select thread-spec
usage examplesindex iconer_print Command Examples
index iconversion
index iconversion
viewmodeindex iconviewmode { user| expert | machine }
er_print utility
command-line optionsindex iconer_print Syntax
commands  Seeindex iconer_print commands
metric keywordsindex iconMetric Visibility Characters
metric listsindex iconMetric Lists
purposeindex iconAbout er_print
syntaxindex iconer_print Syntax
er_rm utilityindex iconDeleting Experiments With the er_rm Utility
er_src utilityindex iconViewing Source/Disassembly Without an Experiment, preloadingindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
event densityindex iconTimeline View
event statesindex iconTimeline View
displayed in Timeline viewindex iconTimeline View
exclusive metrics
definedindex iconFunction-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed
for PLT instructionsindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
how computedindex iconCall Stacks and Program Execution
illustratedindex iconCall Tree Illustrating Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed Metrics
use ofindex iconFunction-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed
execution statistics
comparison of times with the functionindex iconComparisons of Timing Metrics
printing in er_print utilityindex iconstatistics exp_id
experiment directory
defaultindex iconWhere the Data Is Stored
specifying in dbxindex iconstore option Subcommand
specifying with collect commandindex iconSet Directory of Experiment with -d directory-name
experiment groupsindex iconWhere the Data Is Stored
index iconStarting Performance Analyzer
index iconExperiment Groups
default nameindex iconExperiment Groups
definedindex iconExperiment Groups
multipleindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
name restrictionsindex iconExperiment Groups
previewindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
removingindex iconDeleting Experiments With the er_rm Utility
specifying name in dbxindex iconstore option Subcommand
specifying name with collect commandindex iconCreate Experiment in a Group with -g group-name
Experiment IDs viewindex iconExperiment IDs View
experiment namesindex iconWhere the Data Is Stored
defaultindex iconExperiment Names
kernel profiling
index iconSubexperiments
index iconExperiments on the Kernel and User Processes
MPI default
index iconStoring MPI Experiments
index iconExperiments for MPI Programs
restrictionsindex iconExperiment Names
specifying in dbxindex iconstore option Subcommand
experiments  See alsoindex iconexperiment directory
appending current pathindex iconaddpath path-list
archiving load objects in
index iconarchive mode Subcommand
index iconArchive Load Objects in Experiment with the -A option
copyingindex iconCopying Experiments With the er_cp Utility
data aggregationindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
default nameindex iconExperiment Names
definedindex iconWhere the Data Is Stored
descendant, loadingindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
groupsindex iconExperiment Groups
header information in er_print utilityindex iconheader exp-id
labelingindex iconLabeling Experiments
limiting the size of
index iconlimit value Subcommand
index iconLimit the Experiment Size with -L size
listing in er_print utilityindex iconexperiment_list
locationindex iconWhere the Data Is Stored
index iconMoving Experiments With the er_mv Utility
index iconMoving Experiments
multipleindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
namingindex iconExperiment Names
openingindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
previewindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
remapping path prefixesindex iconpathmap old-prefix new-prefix
removingindex iconDeleting Experiments With the er_rm Utility
setting mode for Java and OpenMPindex iconviewmode { user| expert | machine }
setting path to find filesindex iconsetpath path-list
storage requirements, estimatingindex iconEstimating Storage Requirements
terminating from your programindex iconC, C++, Fortran, and Java API Functions
where stored
index iconstore option Subcommand
index iconSet Directory of Experiment with -d directory-name
Experiments viewindex iconExperiments View
experiments, descendant
setting mode for reading, in er_print utilityindex iconen_desc { on | off | =regexp}
explicit multithreadingindex iconExplicit Multithreading
export settings to .er.rcindex iconPerformance Analyzer Configuration File
expression grammarindex iconExpression Grammar