Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


Active Filters panelindex iconFiltering Data
addpath commandindex iconaddpath path-list
address spaces, text and data regionsindex iconProcess Image
aliased functionsindex iconAliased Functions
aliased hardware countersindex iconHardware Counter Lists
aliases for hardware countersindex iconHardware Counter Lists
alternate entry points in Fortran functionsindex iconFortran Alternate Entry Points
alternate source contextindex iconsource|src { filename | function-name } [ N]
Analyzer  Seeindex iconPerformance Analyzer
analyzer command
data collection optionsindex iconanalyzer Command Options
font size (-f) optionindex icon-f | --fontsize size
help (-h) optionindex icon-? | -h | --help
JVM options (-J) optionindex icon-Jjvm-option
JVM path (-j) optionindex icon-j | --jdkhome jvm-path
verbose (-v) optionindex icon-v | --verbose
version (-V) optionindex icon-V | --version
annotated disassembly code  Seeindex icondisassembly code, annotated
annotated source code  Seeindex iconsource code, annotated
API, Collectorindex iconProgram Control of Data Collection Using libcollector Library
appending path to filesindex iconaddpath path-list
archiving load objects in experiments
index iconarchive mode Subcommand
index iconArchive Load Objects in Experiment with the -A option
artificial functions, in OpenMP call stacksindex iconArtificial Functions
attaching the Collector to a running processindex iconCollecting Data From a Running Process With dbx on Oracle Solaris Platforms
attributed metrics
definedindex iconFunction-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed
effect of recursion onindex iconHow Recursion Affects Function-Level Metrics
illustratedindex iconCall Tree Illustrating Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed Metrics
use ofindex iconFunction-Level Metrics: Exclusive, Inclusive, and Attributed