Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Viewing Source/Disassembly Without an Experiment

You can view annotated source code and annotated disassembly code using the er_src utility, without running an experiment. The display is generated in the same way as in Performance Analyzer, except that it does not display any metrics. The syntax of the er_src command is

er_src [ -func | -{source,src} item tag | -{disasm,dis} item tag |
-{cc,scc,dcc} com-spec | -outfile filename | -V ] object

object is the name of an executable, a shared object, or an object file (.o file).

item is the name of a function or of a source or object file used to build the executable or shared object. item can also be specified in the form functionfile’, in which case er_src displays the source or disassembly of the named function in the source context of the named file.

tag is an index used to determine which item is being referred to when multiple functions have the same name. It is required, but is ignored if not necessary to resolve the function.

The special item and tag, all -1, tells er_src to generate the annotated source or disassembly for all functions in the object.

Note - The output generated as a result of using all -1 on executables and shared objects may be very large.

The following sections describe the options accepted by the er_src utility.