Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


parallel execution
directivesindex iconParallelization
path prefix mappingindex iconPathmaps Settings
path to filesindex iconsetpath path-list
PATH environment variableindex iconLimitations on Java Profiling
pathmap commandindex iconpathmap old-prefix new-prefix
Pathmaps tabindex iconPathmaps Settings
pausing data collection
for collect commandindex iconSignal Pause and Resume State with -y signal [ ,r]
from your programindex iconC, C++, Fortran, and Java API Functions
in dbxindex iconpause Subcommand
definedindex iconHardware Counter Profiling Data
definedindex iconCall Stacks and Program Execution
from PLTindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
ordered list in er_print utilityindex iconpcs
PCs viewindex iconPCs View
Performance Analyzer
Call Tree viewindex iconCall Tree View
Callers-Callees viewindex iconCallers-Callees View
command-line optionsindex icon-j | --jdkhome jvm-path
CPUs viewindex iconCPUs View
Data Size viewindex iconData Size View
DataLayout viewindex iconDataLayout View
DataObjects viewindex iconDataObjects View
Deadlocks viewindex iconDeadlocks View
definedindex iconPerformance Analyzer Tool
definitionindex iconAbout Performance Analyzer
Disassembly viewindex iconDisassembly View
Dual-Source viewindex iconDual-Source View
Duration viewindex iconDuration View
Experiment IDs viewindex iconExperiment IDs View
Experiments viewindex iconExperiments View
Functions viewindex iconFunctions View
I/O viewindex iconI/O View
Index Objects viewsindex iconIndex Objects Views
Inst–Freq viewindex iconInst-Freq View
Library and Class Visibility dialog boxindex iconSetting Library and Class Visibility
Lines viewindex iconLines View
MemoryObjects viewsindex iconMemoryObjects Views
menu barindex iconMenu Bar
Metrics tabindex iconMetrics Settings
MPI Chart Controlsindex iconMPI Chart Controls
MPI Chart viewindex iconMPI Chart View
MPI Timeline Controlsindex iconMPI Timeline Controls
OpenMP Parallel Region viewindex iconOpenMP Parallel Region View
OpenMP Task viewindex iconOpenMP Task View
Pathmaps settingsindex iconPathmaps Settings
PCs viewindex iconPCs View
Processes viewindex iconProcesses View
Races viewindex iconRaces View
recording an experimentindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
Samples viewindex iconSamples View
Search Path settingsindex iconSearch Path Settings
Seconds viewindex iconSeconds View
Selection Details windowindex iconSelection Details Window
Source viewindex iconSource View
Source/Disassembly tabindex iconSource/Disassembly Settings
Source/Disassembly viewindex iconSource/Disassembly View
startingindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
Statistics viewindex iconStatistics View
Summary tabindex iconPCs View
Threads viewindex iconThreads View
Timeline settingsindex iconTimeline Settings
Timeline view
index iconTimeline View
index iconSelection Details Window
toolbarindex iconTool Bar
views to be shownindex iconConfiguration Settings
performance data, conversion into metricsindex iconPerformance Data
performance metrics  Seeindex iconmetrics
PLT (Program Linkage Table)index iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
ppgsz commandindex iconUsing collect With ppgsz
er_heap.soindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
er_sync.soindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
libcollector.soindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
printing accumulated statistics from er_print utilityindex iconprocstats
process address-space text and data regionsindex iconProcess Image
metrics per processindex iconProcesses View
Processes viewindex iconProcesses View
Profile Application
Preview commandindex iconProfiling Applications From Performance Analyzer
profile packet
clock dataindex iconClock Profiling
hardware counter overflow dataindex iconHardware Counter Overflow Profiling
size ofindex iconEstimating Storage Requirements
synchronization wait tracing dataindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing
profiling interval
definedindex iconClock Profiling Under Oracle Solaris
experiment size, effect onindex iconEstimating Storage Requirements
limitations on valueindex iconLimitations on Clock Profiling
setting with dbx collector commandindex iconprofile option
setting with the collect command
index iconprofile option
index iconClock Profiling with the -p option
profiling serversindex iconUsing er_label in Scripts
profiling, definedindex iconData the Collector Collects
program counter (PC), definedindex iconCall Stacks and Program Execution
program counter metricsindex iconPCs View
program execution
call stacks describedindex iconCall Stacks and Program Execution
explicit multithreadingindex iconExplicit Multithreading
shared objects and function callsindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
signal handlingindex iconSignals
single-threadedindex iconSingle-Threaded Execution and Function Calls
tail-call optimizationindex iconTail-Call Optimization
trapsindex iconTraps
Program Linkage Table (PLT)index iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
program structure, mapping call stack addresses toindex iconMapping Addresses to Program Structure