Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

machinemodel model_name

Create memory objects as defined in the specified machine model. The model_name is a file name, either in the user's current directory, or in the user's home directory, or it is the name of a machine model defined in the release. Machine model files are stored with a suffix of .ermm. If the model_name on the machinemodel command does not end with that suffix, the model_name with .ermm appended will be used. If the model_name begins with a /, it is assumed to be an absolute path, and only that path (with .ermm appended, if needed) will be tried. If the model_name contains a /, only that pathname relative to the current directory, or the user's home directory will be tried.

A machine model file can contain comments and mobj_define commands. Any other commands are ignored. A machinemodel command can appear in a .er.rc file. If a machine model had been loaded, either by the command or by reading an experiment with a machine model recorded in it, a subsequent machinemodel command will remove any definitions coming from the previous machine model.

If the model_name is missing, print a list of all known machine models. If the model_name is a zero-length string, unload any loaded machine model.