Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

To Profile Under Load with er_kernel

If you have a single command, either a program or a script, that you want to use as a load:

  1. Collect the experiment by typing:
    % er_kernel -p on load

    If load is a script, it should wait for any commands it spawns to terminate before exiting, or the experiment might be terminated prematurely.

    The er_kernel utility forks a child process and pauses for a quiet period. The child process then runs the specified load. When the load terminates, the er_kernel utility pauses again for a quiet period and then exits.

    You can specify the duration of the quiet period in seconds with the -q argument to the er_kernel command.

  2. Analyze the experiment by typing:
    % analyzer

    The experiment shows the behavior of the Oracle Solaris kernel during the running of the load, and during the quiet periods before and after. See Analyzing a Kernel Profile for more information about what you can see in a kernel profile.