Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Aliased Functions

Typically, functions are defined as global, meaning that their names are known everywhere in the program. The name of a global function must be unique within the executable. If there is more than one global function of a given name within the address space, the runtime linker resolves all references to one of them. The others are never executed, and so do not appear in the function list. In the Selection Details window, you can see the shared object and object module that contain the selected function.

Under various circumstances, a function can be known by several different names. A very common example is the use of so-called weak and strong symbols for the same piece of code. A strong name is usually the same as the corresponding weak name except that it has a leading underscore. Many of the functions in the threads library also have alternate names for pthreads and Solaris threads, as well as strong and weak names and alternate internal symbols. In all such cases, only one name is used in the Functions view of Performance Analyzer. The name chosen is the last symbol at the given address in alphabetic order. This choice most often corresponds to the name that the user would use. In the Selection Details window, all the aliases for the selected function are shown.