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Updated: January 2015

Java Native Functions

Native code is compiled code originally written in C, C++, or Fortran, called using the Java Native Interface (JNI) by Java code. The following example is taken from the annotated disassembly of file associated with demo program jsynprog.

                     5. class jsynprog
                        <Function: jsynprog.<init>()>
0.       5.504          jsynprog.JavaCC() <Java native method>
0.       1.431          jsynprog.JavaCJava(int) <Java native method>
0.       5.684          jsynprog.JavaJavaC(int) <Java native method>
0.       0.             [  5] 00000000: aload_0
0.       0.             [  5] 00000001: invokespecial <init>()
0.       0.             [  5] 00000004: return

Because the native methods are not included in the Java source, the beginning of the annotated source for shows each Java native method using a special index line to indicate instructions without line numbers.

0.       5.504          <Function: jsynprog.JavaCC(), instructions without line 
0.       1.431          <Function: jsynprog.JavaCJava(int), instructions without line 
0.       5.684          <Function: jsynprog.JavaJavaC(int), instructions without line 

Note -  The index lines do not wrap in the real annotated source display.