Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Call Tree View

The Call Tree view displays a dynamic call graph of the program as a tree, with each function call shown as a node that you can expand and collapse. An expanded function node shows all the function calls made by the function, plus performance metrics for those function calls.

When you select a node, the Selection Details window displays metrics for the function call and its callees. The percentages given for attributed metrics are the percentages of the total program metrics. The default root of the tree is <Total>, which is not a function but represents 100% of the performance metrics of all the functions of the program.

Use the Call Tree view to see details of specific call traces and analyze which traces have the greatest performance impact. You can navigate through the structure of your program, searching for high metric values.

Tip  -  To easily find the branch that is consuming the most time, right-click any node and select Expand Hottest Branch.

To set a predefined filter for the selected branch or selected functions, right-click in the Call Tree view to open a context menu. By filtering in this way you can screen out data in all the Analyzer views for areas you are not interested in.