Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


data collection
controlling from your programindex iconProgram Control of Data Collection Using libcollector Library
disabling from your programindex iconC, C++, Fortran, and Java API Functions
disabling in dbxindex icondisable Subcommand
dynamic memory allocation effectsindex iconUsing Dynamically Allocated Memory
enabling in dbxindex iconenable Subcommand
from MPI programsindex iconCollecting Data From MPI Programs
MPI program, using the collect commandindex iconRunning the collect Command for MPI
pausing for collect commandindex iconSignal Pause and Resume State with -y signal [ ,r]
pausing from your programindex iconC, C++, Fortran, and Java API Functions
pausing in dbxindex iconpause Subcommand
preparing your program forindex iconPreparing Your Program for Data Collection and Analysis
program control ofindex iconProgram Control of Data Collection Using libcollector Library
rate ofindex iconEstimating Storage Requirements
resuming for collect commandindex iconSignal Pause and Resume State with -y signal [ ,r]
resuming from your programindex iconC, C++, Fortran, and Java API Functions
resuming in dbxindex iconresume Subcommand
segmentation faultsindex iconUsing Dynamically Allocated Memory
using dbxindex iconTo Run the Collector From dbx
using the collect commandindex iconCollecting Data Using the collect Command
data objects
<Scalars> descriptorsindex icon<Scalars> Data Object
<Total>descriptorindex icon<Total> Data Object
definedindex iconMapping Data Addresses to Program Data Objects
descriptorsindex iconData Object Descriptors
in hardware counter overflow experimentsindex icondata_objects
layoutindex iconDataLayout View
scopeindex iconMapping Data Addresses to Program Data Objects
data presentation
setting optionsindex iconConfiguration Settings
data races
detailed informationindex iconrdetail race-id
listingindex iconraces
Data Size viewindex iconData Size View
data typesindex iconData the Collector Collects
clock profilingindex iconClock Profiling Under Oracle Solaris
hardware counter profilingindex iconHardware Counter Profiling Data
heap tracingindex iconHeap Tracing (Memory Allocation) Data
MPI tracingindex iconMPI Tracing Data
synchronization wait tracingindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
data-derived metrics
displaying list of in er_print utilityindex icondata_metric_list
data_layout commandindex icondata_layout
data_objects commandindex icondata_objects
data_single commandindex icondata_single name [N]
DataLayout viewindex iconDataLayout View
DataObjects viewindex iconDataObjects View
dataspace profilingindex iconDataspace Profiling and Memoryspace Profiling
data objectsindex iconMapping Data Addresses to Program Data Objects
dbx collector subcommands
archiveindex iconarchive mode Subcommand
dbxsampleindex icondbxsample { on | off }
disableindex icondisable Subcommand
enableindex iconenable Subcommand
enable_once (obsolete)index iconstatus Subcommand
hwprofileindex iconhwprofile option
limitindex iconlimit value Subcommand
pauseindex iconpause Subcommand
profileindex iconprofile option
quit (obsolete)index iconstatus Subcommand
resumeindex iconresume Subcommand
sample recordindex iconsample record name Subcommand
sampleindex iconsample option
showindex iconshow Subcommand
statusindex iconstatus Subcommand
store filename (obsolete)index iconstatus Subcommand
storeindex iconstore option Subcommand
index iconheaptrace option
index iconsynctrace option
thaindex icontha option
running the Collector inindex iconTo Run the Collector From dbx
ddetail commandindex iconddetail deadlock-id
detailed informationindex iconddetail deadlock-id
listingindex icondeadlocks
Deadlocks viewindex iconDeadlocks View
deadlocks commandindex icondeadlocks
default metricsindex iconFunctions View
default pathindex iconsetpath path-list
setting in a defaults fileindex iconSetting Defaults in .er.rc Files
descendant experiments
loadingindex iconStarting Performance Analyzer
setting mode for reading, in er_print utilityindex iconen_desc { on | off | =regexp}
descendant processes
collecting data for all followedindex iconFollow Processes with the -F option
collecting data for selectedindex iconCollecting Data From a Running Process With dbx on Oracle Solaris Platforms
experiment locationindex iconWhere the Data Is Stored
experiment namesindex iconExperiments for Descendant Processes
followed by Collectorindex iconLimitations on Data Collection for Descendant Processes
limitations on data collection forindex iconLimitations on Data Collection for Descendant Processes
disassembly code, annotated
branch targetindex iconBranch Target
cloned functionsindex iconCloned Functions
descriptionindex iconAnnotated Disassembly Code
for cloned functions
index iconCloned Functions
index iconCloned Functions
hardware counter metric attributionindex iconAttribution of Hardware Counter Overflows
HotSpot-compiled instructionsindex iconDynamically Compiled Functions
inclusive metricsindex iconInclusive Metrics
instruction issue dependenciesindex iconInstruction Issue Grouping
interpretingindex iconInterpreting Annotated Disassembly
Java native methodsindex iconJava Native Functions
location of executableindex iconMoving Experiments
metric formatsindex iconMetric Formats
printing in er_print utilityindex icondisasm|dis { filename | function-name } [ N]
setting preferences in er_print utilityindex icondcc com-spec
setting the highlighting threshold in er_print utilityindex icondthresh value
st and ld instructionsindex iconAnnotations for Store and Load Instructions
viewing with er_src utilityindex iconViewing Source/Disassembly Without an Experiment
Disassembly viewindex iconDisassembly View
disk space, estimating for experimentsindex iconEstimating Storage Requirements
describedindex iconKernel Experiments
setting up access toindex iconSetting Up Your System for Kernel Profiling
Dual-Source viewindex iconDual-Source View
Duration viewindex iconDuration View
dynamically compiled functions
Collector API forindex iconDynamic Functions and Modules
index iconDynamically Compiled Functions
index iconDynamically Compiled Functions