Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

To Profile the Kernel with er_kernel

  1. Collect the experiment by typing:
    % er_kernel -p on
  2. Run the load in a separate shell.
  3. When the load completes, terminate the er_kernel utility by typing Ctrl-C.
  4. Load the resulting experiment, named by default, into Performance Analyzer or the er_print utility.

    Kernel clock profiling produces two metrics: KCPU Cycles (metric name kcycles), for clock profile events recorded in the kernel founder experiment, and KUCPU Cycles (metric name kucycles) for clock profile events recorded in user process subexperiments, when the CPU is in user-mode.

    In Performance Analyzer, the metrics are shown for kernel functions in the Functions view, for callers and callees in the Callers-Callees view, and for instructions in the Disassembly view. The Source view does not show data because kernel modules as shipped do not usually contain file and line symbol table information (stabs).