Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Source/Disassembly Settings

The Source/Disassembly settings enable you to select the information presented in the Source view, Disassembly view, and Source/Disassembly view.

Compiler Commentary

Select the classes of compiler commentary that are displayed in the Source view and the Disassembly view.

Highlighting Threshold

The threshold for highlighting high-metric lines in the Source view and the Disassembly view. The threshold is the percentage of the largest metric value attributed to any line in the file whose source or disassembly is displayed. The threshold is applied to each metric independently.

Source Code

Display the source code in the Disassembly view. If you display source code in the Disassembly view, the compiler commentary is also displayed for the classes that are enabled.

Metrics for Source Lines

Display metrics for the source code in the Disassembly view.

Hexadecimal Instructions

Display instructions in hexadecimal in the Disassembly view.

Only Show Data of Current Function

Display metrics only for the instructions of the current function selected in another view. If you select this option, metrics are hidden for all other instructions.

Show Command-line Flags

Display the compiler command and options used to compile the target program. Scroll to the last line of the Source view to see the command line.