Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Using Labels for Filtering

Labels are names you can assign to a portion of an experiment. Using the er_label command, you can assign a label name to a period of time in an experiment and the label persists with the experiment. You can use the label to filter the experiment data with the er_print command or Performance Analyzer to include or exclude the data collected during the labeled time period.

See Labeling Experiments for information about how to use the er_label utility to create labels.

In Performance Analyzer you can filter data from the labeled time period in the Advanced Custom Filter dialog box. Type the label name in the Filter Specification panel and click Apply to filter the data specified by the label. You do not need to use any numerical comparison because the label acts as a nickname for a filter expression that uses a numerical comparison with the TSTAMP keyword. You can combine the label with other filters in the Filter Specification panel by adding it on a separate line preceded by &&.

You can see if there are labels assigned to an experiment that is open in Performance Analyzer in the Keywords panel of the Advanced Custom Filters dialog box.. You can also use the er_print -describe command to see the same information. Labels are listed first in the display and include the actual filter expression with the TSTAMP keyword that is implemented by the label.

After applying a label filter, you can click the Timeline view to see data is removed in the intervals that were defined by the label. The data is also filtered in other data views that support filtering.