Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Non-Unique Function Names

    While aliased functions reflect multiple names for the same piece of code, under some circumstances, multiple pieces of code have the same name:

  • Sometimes, for reasons of modularity, functions are defined as static, meaning that their names are known only in some parts of the program (usually a single compiled object module). In such cases, several functions of the same name referring to quite different parts of the program appear in Performance Analyzer. In the Selection Details window, the object module name for each of these functions is shown to distinguish them from one another. In addition, any selection of one of these functions can be used to show the source, disassembly, and the callers and callees of that specific function.

  • Sometimes a program uses wrapper or interposition functions that have the weak name of a function in a library and supersede calls to that library function. Some wrapper functions call the original function in the library, in which case both instances of the name appear in Performance Analyzer's function list. Such functions come from different shared objects and different object modules, and can be distinguished from each other in that way. The Collector wraps some library functions, and both the wrapper function and the real function can appear in Performance Analyzer.