Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Example Filter Expressions

This section shows examples of filter expressions that can be used with the er_print -filters command, and in the Advanced Customer Filters dialog box.

With the er_print -filters command, the filter expression is enclosed in single quotes, similar to the following example:

er_print -filters 'FNAME("myfunc") SOME IN USTACK' -functions
Example 5-1  Filter Functions by Name and Stack

To filter functions named myfunc from the user function stack:


Example 5-2  Filter Events by Thread and CPU

To see events from thread 1 when it was running on CPU 2 only:

THRID == 1 && CPUID == 2

Example 5-3  Filter Events by Index Object

If an index object, THRCPU, is defined as "CPUID<<16|THRID", the following filter is equivalent to the filter to see events from thread 1 when running on CPU 2:

THRCPU == 0x10002

Example 5-4  Filter Events Occurring in a Specified Time Period

To filter events from experiment 2 that occurred during the period between second 5 and second 9:

EXPID==2 && TSTAMP >= 5000000000 && TSTAMP < 9000000000

Example 5-5  Filter Events From a Particular Java Class

To filter events that have any method from a particular Java class in the stack (in user view mode):


Example 5-6  Filter Events by Internal Function ID and Call Sequence

If function IDs are known (as shown in Performance Analyzer), to filter events that contain a particular call sequence in the machine call stack:


Example 5-7  Filter Events by State or Duration

If the describe command lists the following properties for a clock profiling experiment:

MSTATE    UINT32  Thread state
NTICK     UINT32  Duration

you can select events that are in a particular state using the following filter:


Alternatively, you can use the following filter to select events that are in a particular state and whose duration is longer than 1 clock tick:

MSTATE == 1 && NTICK > 1