Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Where the Data Is Stored

The data collected during one execution of your application is called an experiment. The experiment consists of a set of files that are stored in a directory. The name of the experiment is the name of the directory.

In addition to recording the experiment data, the Collector creates its own archives of the load objects used by the program. These archives contain the addresses, sizes, and names of each object file and each function in the load object, as well as the address of the load object and a timestamp for its last modification. Archives might also have copies of all shared objects and some or all of the source files. See er_archive Utility for more information.

Experiments are stored by default in the current directory. If this directory is on a networked file system, storing the data takes longer than on a local file system and can distort the performance data. You should always try to record experiments on a local file system if possible. You can specify the storage location when you run the Collector.

Experiments for descendant processes are stored inside the experiment for the founder process.