Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


OMP_preg commandindex iconOMP_preg
OMP_task commandindex iconOMP_task
Open Experiment dialog boxindex iconPerformance Analyzer Configuration File
index objects, printing information for
index iconOMP_task
index iconOMP_preg
metricsindex iconOpenMP Metrics
overview of executionindex iconOverview of OpenMP Software Execution
profiling data, machine representationindex iconMachine View Mode of OpenMP Profiling Data
profiling limitationsindex iconLimitations on OpenMP Profiling
setting er_print display output forindex iconviewmode { user| expert | machine }
User mode call stacksindex iconUser Mode Call Stacks
user mode display of profile dataindex iconUser View Mode of OpenMP Profile Data
OpenMP Parallel Region viewindex iconOpenMP Parallel Region View
OpenMP parallelizationindex iconParallelization
OpenMP Task viewindex iconOpenMP Task View
common subexpression eliminationindex iconCommon Subexpression Elimination
program analysis affect ofindex iconOptimization at Compile Time
tail-callindex iconTail-Call Optimization
options, command-line, er_print utilityindex iconer_print Syntax
outline functions
index iconOutline Functions
index iconOutline Functions
output file
closing and opening new, in er_print utilityindex iconappendfile filename
closing, in er_print utilityindex iconoutfile {filename|-|--}
overflow value, hardware counter  Seeindex iconhardware counter overflow value
overview data, printing in er_print utilityindex iconoverview exp_id