Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Performance Analyzer Views

    The following factors determine whether a data view is displayed in the navigation bar when you open an experiment:

  • The type of data in the experiment determines what data views should be displayed. For example, if an experiment contains OpenMP data, the views for OpenMP are automatically opened to display the data.

  • Configuration files which are read when you start Performance Analyzer specify the default data views to display.

You can use the Views menu or button to open the Settings dialog box (see Views Settings) to select the views that you want to display in the current Performance Analyzer session.

Most views have a context menu that opens when you by right-click on an item in the view. You can use the context menu to add filters or to perform other activities related to that data view. When you apply filters in one view, the data is filtered in all the views that can be filtered.