Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


tail-call optimization
index iconTail-Call Optimization
index iconTail-Call Optimization
thread limitindex iconLimitations on Data Collection
creation ofindex iconExplicit Multithreading
listing selected, in er_print utilityindex iconthread_list
metricsindex iconThreads View
selecting in er_print utilityindex iconthread_select thread-spec
workerindex iconExplicit Multithreading
Threads viewindex iconThreads View
threshold, highlighting
in annotated disassembly code, er_print utilityindex icondthresh value
in annotated source code, er_print utilityindex iconsthresh value
threshold, synchronization wait tracing
calibrationindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
definedindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
effect on collection overheadindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing
setting with dbx collectorindex iconsynctrace option
setting with the collect commandindex iconsynctrace option
time metrics, precisionindex iconFunctions View
Timeline settingsindex iconTimeline Settings
Timeline viewindex iconTimeline View
Selection Details windowindex iconSelection Details Window
TLB (translation lookaside buffer) misses
index iconAttribution of Hardware Counter Overflows
index iconTraps
toolbarindex iconTool Bar
Tools menuindex iconMenu Bar
tracing data in Timelineindex iconTimeline View
trapsindex iconTraps
index iconAbout Performance Analyzer
index iconPerformance Analyzer Tool