Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

Duration View

The Duration view is available for experiments that contain data that has a duration. Experiments that include I/O tracing data, MPI tracing, heap tracing, and synchronization tracing data have a Duration view.

The Duration view organizes the data into ranges of duration time and calculates the metrics for the events whose data falls into each range of duration time. The duration of the function call is recorded for I/O tracing, MPI tracing, and synchronization tracing. For heap tracing, the duration is the time between allocation and freeing of memory. Data without a duration element is attributed to duration 0.

You can use the Duration view to filter the data. For example, in an experiment that contains heap tracing data, you could select a duration range line that has high metrics for Bytes Allocated and add the filter Include only events with selected items. When you go to other data views, the data is filtered to show only events whose duration matched the range you selected and might reveal memory allocations that are longer duration than expected.