Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015

OpenMP Task View

The OpenMP Task view shows the list of OpenMP tasks with their metrics. The options in this view are applicable only to experiments that were recorded with the OpenMP 3.0 collector, for programs that use OpenMP tasks compiled with Oracle Solaris Studio compilers. See Limitations on OpenMP Profiling for more information.

The view lists tasks encountered during the program's execution, along with metric values computed from the profiling data. Exclusive metrics apply to the current task only. Inclusive metrics include metrics for OpenMP tasks plus those of their child tasks, with their parent-child relationship established at the task creation time. The OpenMP Task from Implicit Parallel Region represents the serial execution of the program.

If a function containing a task is called many times, all instances of the parallel region will be aggregated together and presented as one line item in the corresponding view.

The view is useful for navigation. You can select an item of interest, such as the task with the highest OpenMP Wait time, analyze its source by clicking the Source view. You can also right-click to select a context filter to include only the data related to the selected item, You can then analyze how it's represented by other program objects using other views: Functions, Timeline, Threads, and so on.