Oracle® Solaris Studio 12.4: Performance Analyzer

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Updated: January 2015


sample code
index iconAbout Performance Analyzer
index iconPerformance Analyzer Tool
circumstances of recordingindex iconSample Data
definedindex iconSample Data
displayed in Timeline viewindex iconTimeline View
information contained in packetindex iconSample Data
interval  Seeindex iconsampling interval
listing selected, in er_print utilityindex iconsample_list
manual recording in dbxindex iconsample record name Subcommand
manual recording with collectindex iconSpecify a Signal for Sampling with -l signal
metricsindex iconSamples View
periodic recording in dbxindex iconsample option
periodic recording with collect commandindex iconSample Data with -S option
recording from your programindex iconC, C++, Fortran, and Java API Functions
recording when dbx stops a processindex icondbxsample { on | off }
selecting in er_print utilityindex iconsample_select sample-spec
Samples viewindex iconSamples View
sampling interval
definedindex iconSample Data
setting in dbxindex iconsample option
Search Path settingsindex iconSearch Path Settings
metrics recorded per secondindex iconSeconds View
Seconds viewindex iconSeconds View
segmentation faults during data collectionindex iconUsing Dynamically Allocated Memory
Selection Details windowindex iconSelection Details Window
setpath commandindex iconsetpath path-list
setting mode for reading descendant experiments in er_print utilityindex iconen_desc { on | off | =regexp}
settingsindex iconPerformance Analyzer Configuration File
setuid, use ofindex iconUsing setuid and setgid
shared objects, function calls betweenindex iconFunction Calls Between Shared Objects
Show/Hide/APIonly Functions dialog box, see Library and Class Visibility dialog boxindex iconSetting Library and Class Visibility
signal handlers
installed by Collector
index iconSignals
index iconData Collection and Signals
user programindex iconData Collection and Signals
calls to handlersindex iconSignals
profilingindex iconData Collection and Signals
profiling, passing from dbx to collect commandindex iconStop Profiled Target to Allow dbx attach with -x
use for manual sampling with collect commandindex iconSpecify a Signal for Sampling with -l signal
use for pause and resume with collect commandindex iconSignal Pause and Resume State with -y signal [ ,r]
single-threaded program executionindex iconSingle-Threaded Execution and Function Calls
sort order
function list, specifying in er_print utilityindex iconsort metric_spec
source and disassembly code, annotated
setting preferences in er_print utilityindex iconcc com-spec
source and object files used in experimentsindex iconSearch Path Settings
source code, annotated
cloned functionsindex iconCloned Functions
compiler commentaryindex iconCompiler Commentary
compiler-generated body functionsindex iconCompiler-Generated Body Functions
index iconSource Line Metrics
index iconAnnotated Source Code
discerning annotations from sourceindex iconIdentifying the Original Source Lines
for cloned functionsindex iconCloned Functions
index linesindex iconIndex Lines in the Source View
instructions without line numbersindex iconDynamically Compiled Functions
interpretingindex iconInterpreting Source Line Metrics
location of source filesindex iconMoving Experiments
metric formatsindex iconMetric Formats
outline functionsindex iconOutline Functions
printing in er_print utilityindex iconsource|src { filename | function-name } [ N]
setting compiler commentary classes in er_print utilityindex iconscc com-spec
setting the highlighting threshold in er_print utilityindex iconsthresh value
use of intermediate filesindex iconIntermediate Files
viewing in Performance Analyzerindex iconAnnotated Source Code
viewing with er_src utilityindex iconViewing Source/Disassembly Without an Experiment
source code, compiler commentaryindex iconSource View
source lines, ordered list in er_print utilityindex iconlines
Source viewindex iconSource View
Source/Disassembly tab
in Settingsindex iconSource/Disassembly Settings
Source/Disassembly viewindex iconSource/Disassembly View
SP_COLLECTOR_STACKBUFSZ environment variable
index icon<Truncated-stack> Function
index iconLimitations on Data Collection
stack depthindex iconLimitations on Data Collection
stack frames
definedindex iconSingle-Threaded Execution and Function Calls
from trap handlerindex iconTraps
reuse of in tail-call optimizationindex iconTail-Call Optimization
static functions
duplicate namesindex iconNon-Unique Function Names
in stripped shared libraries
index iconStatic Functions
index iconStatic Functions From Stripped Shared Libraries
static linking
effect on data collectionindex iconStatic Linking
Statistics viewindex iconStatistics View
storage requirements, estimating for experimentsindex iconEstimating Storage Requirements
subroutines  Seeindex iconfunctions
summary metrics
for a single function, printing in er_print utilityindex iconfsingle function-name [N]
for all functions, printing in er_print utilityindex iconfsummary
Summary tabindex iconPCs View
symbol tables, load-objectindex iconLoad Objects and Functions
synchronization delay event count
metric definedindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Metrics
synchronization delay events
data in profile packetindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing
definedindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
synchronization wait time
index iconSynchronization Wait Tracing
index iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
metric, definedindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Metrics
synchronization wait tracing
collecting data in dbxindex iconsynctrace option
collecting data with collect commandindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing with -s option
data in profile packetindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing
definedindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
metricsindex iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
preloading er_sync.soindex iconCollecting Tracing Data From a Running Program
threshold  Seeindex iconthreshold, synchronization wait tracing
wait time
index iconSynchronization Wait Tracing
index iconSynchronization Wait Tracing Data
er_archive utilityindex iconer_archive Utility
er_export utilityindex iconer_export Utility
er_print utilityindex iconer_print Syntax
er_src utilityindex iconViewing Source/Disassembly Without an Experiment
system-wide profilingindex iconProfiling Kernel and User Processes